Our Heritage

Chas N Whillans was founded in 1953 by Charles Noel Whillans who was born on the 25th December 1923 in Hawick, the world renowned cashmere knitwear capital of the world.

During the early years Chuck as he was known would visit the local factories in the town looking for end of line, slightly imperfect, and cancelled order stock. Then laden with his purchases he would set off on a evening to Edinburgh and the surrounding areas in his small two seat Morris eight convertible, a round trip of over 100 miles to sell his wares often returning home well after midnight.

As his business started to grow he opened his first shop in the town and started to travel further afield to many of the country shows and has continued to exhibit to this day.
The 2016 Badminton Horse Trials will see the 60th anniversary of company exhibiting there as well as being the only original trade stand that completed the move from Harewood House to the first Burghley Horse Trials in 1961.
As a result of the many shows attended he was able to build up a large mail order business which has now progressed on to the web and now his sons and grandchildren continue the company’s great reputation and his philosophy of selling the best knitwear in the world at affordable prices.